Android’s Revival: A Long-Awaited Feature Makes a Comeback!

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Lock Screen Widgets Making a Possible Comeback with Android 14


Android enthusiasts, here’s some exciting news for you! Lock screen widgets, a feature that Android users fondly remember from the past, might be making a comeback with Android 14. In the latest Android 14 beta build, keen-eyed observers have uncovered clues hinting at the return of this beloved feature. Let’s dive into the details and explore what Android 14 has in store for us.

The Clue in the Beta Build

Mishaal Rahman, formerly Chief Editor at XDA Developers, recently stumbled upon a fascinating discovery within the latest Android 14 beta build. This discovery revolves around a new SystemUI flag called “widget_on_keyguard.” This intriguing find strongly suggests that Google is actively working on reintroducing lock screen widgets in the Android ecosystem.

However, it’s important to note that this discovery was made within the Android 14 beta build specifically designed for Pixel devices. This raises the possibility that lock screen widgets might be an exclusive feature for Pixel smartphones, at least initially.

A Response to the Competition

The reintroduction of lock screen widgets aligns with a broader industry trend. Last year, Apple introduced widgets to the iOS lock screen, enhancing user experience and personalization. Google’s move towards reintroducing this feature could be seen as a response to Apple’s strides in this area, aiming to provide Android users with a similar level of functionality and customization.

Customizable Lock Screen Shortcuts

In addition to the potential return of lock screen widgets, the latest Android 14 beta build offers another exciting feature: customizable lock screen shortcuts. These shortcuts, typically found in the lower left and right corners of the lock screen, can now be tailored to your preferences.

This customization allows users to select from a diverse array of apps and actions. Some of the options include quick access to the Camera app, toggling Do Not Disturb mode, activating the Flashlight, opening the Google Home app, muting your device, scanning QR codes, accessing your Wallet, or instantly starting video recording.

To make these customizations, simply navigate to the “Wallpapers & Style” menu in your device’s Settings, choose the “Lock screen” option, and locate the “Shortcuts” sub-menu. This newfound flexibility in selecting shortcuts adds a layer of personalization and convenience to your Android 14 experience.

Anticipated Launch

Android 14 is expected to make its debut alongside the Pixel 8 series in October. With these potential new features, Android enthusiasts can look forward to a more customizable and user-friendly lock screen experience, possibly taking a page from the competition while retaining the distinct Android flavor.

Stay tuned for more updates on Android 14 and get ready to explore the exciting possibilities it brings to your smartphone experience.

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