WhatsApp Rolls Out New “Admin Review” Functionality for Group Chats

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WhatsApp Unveils New “Admin Review” Feature for Enhanced Group Chat Management In an exciting update, the widely used instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, introduces a cutting-edge feature designed to elevate the management of group chats. According to a comprehensive WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is presently in the testing phase of its innovative “Admin Review” feature, a boon for group administrators, particularly when they are unavailable.

This groundbreaking feature is making its debut in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version, marked as, exclusively accessible to a handpicked group of beta testers.

Enhancing Group Chats with WhatsApp’s “Admin Review” Feature The focal point of this feature resides within the group settings interface. It empowers all participants within a group chat to promptly report messages that they perceive as inappropriate or concerning, directing these reports directly to the group administrators. Once a message is flagged, administrators gain the authority to make decisive choices—either erasing the flagged message for all members or taking appropriate measures based on the reported content’s nature. Additionally, administrators possess the capability to exclude the message sender from the group, thereby fostering a secure and respectful conversational environment.

This innovation extends the oversight of group administrators even during their periods of inactivity. By leveraging this feature, administrators can effectively uphold conversational decorum and ensure alignment with established community guidelines.

All reported messages will be conveniently consolidated within a dedicated section on the group info screen. To flag a message, any chat member can effortlessly access message options and opt for the relevant action.

At present, this novel admin review feature is accessible to a subset of beta testers. WhatsApp has plans to progressively extend the availability of this feature to a broader user base in the imminent future.

Simultaneously, WhatsApp is diligently developing an additional feature aimed at streamlining the account verification process. Users can anticipate an upcoming feature allowing the utilization of their email addresses as an alternate method for logging into their accounts, showcasing the platform’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience and convenience.

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